Frazer PLC delivers innovative solutions in complex litigation, relying on vast experience in high-stakes litigation, e-discovery, and the use of artificial intelligence. "Often collaborating with other law firms, we feature a full-service team with first-chair trial experience in complex litigation, as well as command of state-of-the-art e-discovery technology,” says Roe Frazer, head of Frazer PLC.

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Innovative Legal Solutions
Frazer plc

Based in Nashville, Tennessee

Roe Frazer of Frazer PLC

“I have practiced law as a litigator in complex cases for 30+ years, with overlapping stints as CEO for two e-discovery software companies. Frazer PLC is helping clients, general counsel, and co-counsel succeed in complex litigation and e-discovery, with innovative litigation solutions. Likewise, our corporate and business experience is helpful to companies and entrepreneurs as they navigate many business, regulatory, and legal challenges from formation to outside capital investment, and if necessary, to dispute resolution."