Our innovative legal services focus on putting our clients in a position of strength as early in the litigation as possible. Combining our vast trial and complex litigation experience with advanced technology allows us to deliver powerful results for our clients and our partners.


Frazer PLC

Frazer PLC is the fourth law firm founded by Roe Frazer. As a top trial lawyer since the late 1980s, Frazer offers vast experience in navigating complex litigation, resolving business disputes, and developing keen legal strategies. “My focus has always been, and will always be, on innovative strategies designed to establish strong positions early, leveraging advanced technology in all facets of the practice of law, ” says Frazer.

“Do more with less.” Frazer PLC is committed to lean principles, sensible fee arrangements, and “client-first” representation. “To promote efficiency and keep client costs as low as possible, we use Artificial Intelligence to mine the key data early, devise succesful strategies around that data, and execute accordingly” Frazer says. Frazer PLC gives its litigation clients a big advantage: “No case is too big for us because we deploy the latest and fastest technology, creating efficiencies in time and resources with innovative litigation solutions. We also have trusted law firms with whom we collaborate on many large matters. There are no silos at Frazer PLC.”

Frazer PLC also offers solid business and legal consulting services for entrepreneurs and companies. “We make sure that entrepreneurs ask all the right questions from initial formation to capital raising. We help growing companies get to that next level,” says Frazer. “Growing companies need the flexibility of fixed fee arrangements and solid, immediate advice.”


Pharmaceutical Drugs
Products Liability
Business Contracts and Torts
Personal Injury
Intellectual Property, Trademarks, and Copyrights
Commercial Real Estate Transactions
Partnership Disputes
Securities Violations
Shareholder Disputes
Contract Disputes
Eminent Domain

Business Formation
Corporate Transactions
Mergers & Acquisitions
Health Care
Regulatory Compliance
Start-Up Advice

Lawyers + Technology

Frazer PLC’s blend of experienced litigators, technology, and corporate lawyers provides clients and partners with significant advantages in litigation, mediation, and business.

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